Dr. William M. Kelso

Jamestown Entrance

Chief archaeologist at Jamestown Rediscovery
A preserved treasure, the greatest discovery in North America.
This site is just about our visit to Jamestown Island.
Dr. Kelso is still guiding the major excavation project.   

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Jamestown Virgina Gates and Head stone.
Jamestown Island is a place where in some ways time as stood still. The past is returning slowly piece by piece with hard and time consuming archaeological digs and processing the many piece we have already found. For the Official site of Jamestown Rediscovery please go to APVA which has a great websites

Jamestown First Church
The church was rebuilt but the tower in the front is the original one built many years ago by the first settlers.

Godspeed Cottage, Jamestown Virgina

Jamestown Island at dusk
Jamestown Island is a special place.
Well worth a trip and tour. Almost seems as if you step back in time once you are on the Island. Jamestown Island Visit Information

William M. Kelso

Bill Kelso and Mindy Snider view the digging.

Here part of the wall next to one of the wells that is being excavated in 2006 searching for lost artifacts. William Kelso is in the back ground explains to his niece Mindy Snider what and how they plan to excavate the hill. Pictures taken during a Summer 2006 visit to Jamestown Rediscovery. A must place to go and shop. Bill Kelso can often be seen there. Publication Information

Dr. William Kelso is a author and has written several books about Jamestown as well as well as other archaeology works. Press Release.

America's first church arches
To see the first church arches of North America makes one reflect on what is was really like back in 1607 to start life in a new world. Dr William Kelso has open a whole new door to how we now know life as started here in North America.



Jamestown Rediscovery Well
APVA project's are expanding our knowledge of life in the new world Read about it at APVA's Jamestown official history website

Summer 2006 was bringing new increased activity of excavation. Archeological staff and students from several colleges gather to learn and earn credits while excavating in Jamestown Rediscovery.

APVA has the in depth information on the discoveries of Jamestown, follow this link for the official site 

Jamestown Rediscovery Well Excavation

Trowel to shovel

Much of what was found is on exhibit in APVA Jamestown Rediscovery Center. If you go to Williamsburg you have to visit Jamestown Rediscovery's Archaearium. Just contact them for information. Donation Information to help the cause of APVA mission. APVA is a great organization and for more information on how to help them check out Donation. For a site map of Jamestown Rediscovery

This is just a website with a few photographs I took back in 2006

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